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Hello! And welcome to Patagonia Wild Watching.

My name is Cristofer De la Rivera, I’m Chilean and I live with my wife and our two children in Punta Arenas, Chile; the capital of Chilean Patagonia situated on the shore of the Strait of Magellan.

I’m a Veterinarian by education and have worked as a Professional Guide and Tour Leader for over 7 years in Patagonia and Chile, running trips focused on Nature, Birdwatching, Kayak and Whalewatching in the Strait of Magellan and Puma sighting in Torres del Paine.

Now, I'm really glad that you are planning to visit my part of the world! I would like to serve you as a Professional freelance Guide, to make your Birdwatching, Whalewatching, and Nature vacation a unique adventure you will never forget.

My background as a Veterinarian and personal experience in different wildlife projects in Patagonia, gives me a deep understanding about the biology and ecology of this landscape. Years of guiding and lots of passion getting out in the wild mean that I am versed in the logistical and ecological requirements to move around our remote Patagonia..

Check out the 10 programs that I've designed. Whether you are looking for a General Nature Tour with your family, or If you are after searching out an ultimate lifer species on your list!-- don’t hesitate to contact me.

I work 100% freelance, and after years of experience in the field sharing wildlife moments with hundreds of clients, it's time to operate my own trips. That's why I created Patagonia Wild Watching, a local company with the level of professionalism you are looking for. All this is supported through excellent feedback from clients from all over the world.

My specific experience includes Expedition cruises around Cape Horn and the Southern Chilean Fjords, Antarctica at Union Glacier (lat. 78ºS), volunteer work with whales in Iceland (lat. 64ºN), environmental assessments for different projects, and lots of Birding trips around Patagonia, Whalewatching and Kayaking in the Strait, and also Puma trips in Torres del Paine. I have countless stories from around this vast region.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your days in Patagonia!

Fair winds! Cris.

Notes: I'd like to thank Juan Pablo Rider for giving us authorization to use his wonderful photographs in our web. Please visit his Flicker account to see some of the beautiful species you can found in our tours. Juan Pablo Rider