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Magellanic Plover
and the Andean Condor

Birding/Photographic Tour


Duration: 6-8 hours

Includes: Private Birding Guide, 4x4 vehicle, box lunch and fee at the Condor’s Reserve

Goal: 30-40 species

Dates: All year round  — Bookable Now!

We'll visit

Lagunas 3 Palos

Seno Otway

Seno Skyring

Cerro Palomares

We'll see

Magellanic Plover  —   Andean Condor  —   Lesser Rhea  —   Upland Goose  —   Thorn-tailed Rayadito  —   Long-tailed Meadowlark  —   Two-banded Plover  —   Austral Negrito  —   Magellanic Oystercatcher  —   Austral Parakeet  —   and more…

Birder-photographers especially may be drawn to our “One-Day/Two Species” tour, a guided search for two of the most different but scenic species in the Austral continent.

This may sound odd, for a birding trip, “just two species in one day”. But don't worry, it's just a way to call it!

We launch our trip from Punta Arenas, heading the north-east and getting into to the vast Patagonian steppes. After few minutes, we stop to look for first species in our trip at the coast of the Strait of Magellan, Flightless Steamer Duck, Baird's Sandpiper, Tufted-tyt Tyrant, Gray-hooded Sierra-Finch and more.

Keep driving to the north to meet the first Lesser Rheas and Upland Goose.

The first half of the day we walk around the Laguna 3 Palos, a place where our first prize is located, the unique member of the Pluvianellus family, the Magellanic Plover a dove-like plover that nests in brackish lagoons on the steppes of Patagonia.

Around the lagoon, it's also possible to see several other waterfowls of the region. Chiloe Wigeons, Two-banded Plover, Coscoroba Swans and Austral Negrito among others.

On the second half of the day, we move to the west reaching the higher mountains by the Otway and Skyring Sound. Here we find the icon of the Andes, the Andean Condor which lie in an incredible spot at the top of a cliff where about 50 Condors rest and take flights just a few meters from your vantage point.

Along the way on this “Two Species” adventure, we will make lots of stops looking for many more birds, including the Lesser Rhea, Ashy-headed Goose, Thorn-tailed Rayadito and Austral Parakeet.